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" . . . a winning combination of skills . . . "

Image Jennifer Steele - Lane Community College

"Tim has a winning combination of skills that make him an extraordinarily effective consultant and developer: technical expertise, process design, and communication. I am especially impressed with Tim's database programming skills, as demonstrated in the sophisticated application he developed for our International Students program. His ability to understand our business needs and operating environment and to help staff think through work flow issues and opportunities enables us to build process integrity and operating efficiencies into our design. I appreciate the strong relationships Tim has developed with department staff, administrators and our IT team, as these have been instrumental in moving the work forward. Tim delivers huge ROI; we look forward to an ongoing relationship with him."

" . . . a joy to work with . . . "

Image Dave Brazelton - Fall Creek Farm & Nursery

"On the interpersonal level, Tim has been a joy to work with. He has a positive sense of humor, adds thoughtful input during meetings and is patient and understanding with others in times of stress. His attention to detail and ability to visualize and organize complex systems has been a huge asset to Fall Creek."

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